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Allison grew up in a suburb of Sacramento and moved to San Diego for college in 2004. She studied music and biology at the University of California, San Diego, where she excelled in diverse topics including music history, music theory, women in music, plant biology, language studies, and writing. While remaining dedicated to her studies, Allison made many lasting friendships during these years and greatly enjoyed exploring her new city.


After graduation, Allison remained in San Diego and began working as an editor at the Neil A. Kjos Music Company. Her main work there is with an amazing team supporting co-authors Bruce Pearson and Ryan Nowlin on their newest project, Tradition of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method. She has also contributed to projects by David M. Mruzek and Dean Sorenson, as well as acting as the sole editor for a new recorder method book by Wendy Barden and Bruce Pearson.


Allison Boles

Through her work at Kjos, Allison has been able to attend many state music educator conventions around the country, as well as the international Midwest Clinic in Chicago; she has had the pleasure of working with award-winning, internationally-recognized educators and composers; and she has been able to explore different creative aspects of music publishing by working with print material, video and online components, and audio recording. Allison has great passion for music education and working in the music industry in general.


In addition to playing with The Saxations, Allison performs with The Moonlight Serenade Orchestra and the American Flyboys big bands. She plays mainly tenor and alto saxophone, along with some clarinet, guitar, piano, and most recently, flute. She also loves to read, sail, enjoy time outdoors, try new restaurants, and spend time with her family and friends.


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